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septembre 30, 2008
(ex) Boss, I kicked the habit of meeting you everyday

Freda Payne - Unhooked Generation - Album: Band of Gold - 1970

I’m so glad I joined
The unhooked generation

I just kicked the habit of being a fool for you
You had me in a loop
I finally broke it loose
I’m so glad I joined the unhooked generation
I finally broke away
From all your aggravation

You let me down on such a lonesome road
You took my mind, then you took my soul
I tried to fight it, but I lost control
One too many heartaches
Made me realize
That you’re no good,
No, no, no you’re no good for me
You took it all inside, and smoke in my eyes
Always making me teary
Oh, yes you did

Hey girls, if you’re in misery
Get yourselves together
And set yourselves free

I’m so glad I joined
The unhooked generation
I’m glad I broke away
From all your aggravation

I kicked the habit
Of meeting you everyday
Who said a lover
Ain’t strong enough to walk away

But since I’ve been gone, boss
You don’t talk so loud
Now, since I’ve been gone now
You don’t walk so proud…
posted by Lisbeï @ 9/30/2008 08:24:00 PM ::
  • At 10:49 PM, Blogger manu said…

    En tous cas, ça fait drôlement plaisir de te relire. Keep it coming.

  • At 12:59 AM, Anonymous Mel'O'Dye said…

    Ah ouaip ... pas mieux !!!!
    ravie je suis :-*

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